5+ Unknown Fact About Free Fire India Game

5+ Unknown Facts About Free Fire India Game: So friends, how are you, and are you also waiting for the launch of Free Fire India? If yes then this is your excitement because you are not the only one but almost all the players who used to play Free Fire India are very excited but we have only one option that we have to wait until the launch of this game. Since it is going to come in our country and not many details have been revealed about it yet.

But nowadays players are worried about some things and are interested to know about the game and the most important thing among them is that they all players want to know What Special Features Will be Included In Free Fire India that will make this game different from Free Fire and Free Fire Max, that is, what changes will we see in Free Fire India that will be unique, so friends, in this article, we will talk about this and tell you 5+ Unknown Facts About Free Fire India Game.

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5+ Unknown Facts About Free Fire India Game

5+ Unknown Fact About Free Fire India Game
Unknown Fact About Free Fire India Game

As you know Free Fire India is going to be launched only in our country India and this game has been created only for Indian citizens to promote us, the people of the Department of Free Fire must be thinking of something unique because they get a lot of income from our country alone. Along with this, if most players play Free Fire in any country then it is India and friends, why not because India is the country that has the highest population in the world?

Now, when so many people play Free Fire, it is the only reason that a version of Free Fire is being made only for our country. It is natural for our countrymen to be excited about it and this excitement is increasing day by day. It has increased to such an extent that many of you want to know everything about it, so let us tell you some of these things, especially about the 5+ Unknown facts about the Free Fire India Game.

1 – Brand Ambassador & New Character

Friends, if you want to know about all the special features of Free Fire India, then first of all we want to tell you that you will have to watch its trailer on YouTube, after which you will know that the brand ambassador of Free Fire India is none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Since this game is being designed for our Indian gamers, it is only fair that something will be done which will be in the favor of Indians and to present the same in front of us, a new character will be introduced by the developers of Free Fire India and that character is none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni himself and all of us gamers will get to see this character as a welcome reward.

The first special feature of our game Free Fire India is that we will get to see an Indian character that is made through the inspiring overview of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

2 – Red Damage Indicator

Friends, ever since the release of the OB41 version of Free Fire, there has been almost a controversy due to which many players are angry because a change has been made in the visualization this change is not a minor change and if you are playing the game, you too must be facing this problem that whenever you hit an enemy with the headshot.

Now the color of the damage will be yellow whereas earlier it was not so if you hit your enemies with the headset then the color of the damage was red, which is considered to be the signature damage color of Free Fire, but after the latest patch update, this red color has been changed to yellow, due to which many players are upset and want the red damage back.

And, if we see, there may be some initiative of the Free Fire department in this which may be that they would like to introduce the right damage in Free Fire India, due to which red damage was converted to yellow color in Free Fire as well as Free Fire Max and if this feature comes in Free Fire India, then it seems as if every player will leave Free Fire and Free Fire Max and prefer to play Free Fire India only. Perhaps the Free Fire India Developers have made some strategy under which we can see the comeback of red damage in Free Fire India.

3 – Peak Re-Construction

5+ Unknown Fact About Free Fire India Game
Unknown Fact About Free Fire India Game

From some sources, we have also come to know that in the upcoming game Free Fire India locations will be modified, and one of the spots which is the most popular place on the Bermuda map, which we know as Peak, is going to be modified via the department.

Yes, after Free Fire and Free Fire Max, the peak will be reconstructed in Free Fire India too and a special design will be prepared for Free Fire India we are not saying this but the official application of Free Fire India itself. While there is an overview of the screenshot, it is shown in one shot that the Peak will be reconstructed after which a dedicated spot will be designed for Free Fire India, and with this it becomes the third feature of Free Fire India.

4 – ReWork In Clock Tower

Friends, the Bermuda map, which is the most liked map of Free Fire and is also the oldest map, will be continued in Free Fire India and let us tell you that after the peak, if there is any such place that is very popular after Peak, we know it by the name of Clock Tower and in Free Fire India, this place will also be modified and a dedicated place will be prepared which will be merged to the original one to give a new look. Although no official information has come out about this, we have come to know about this from some reliable sources.

5 – Free Fire India Tournament

Ever since Free Fire was banned in our country India, there has been no phase of any tournament till now, due to which many players have suffered losses we have also suffered losses because if the tournament had been happening regularly then we would have been able to get a lot of milestone rewards which are quite useful as usual but after the ban of Free Fire, it is not possible here, so the next feature of Free Fire India is related to this.

Just a few days after the launch of Free Fire India, maybe FFIC would be organized, which we call the Free Fire India Championship, under which matches of all the Free Fire tournaments will be seen at the India level, after which the qualifier teams will be able to compete in the Free Fire World Series.

There will be a chance to play the championship and in the meantime, we common players will also get a chance to earn many useful free rewards. So this is one of its most special features and for your information, let us tell you that this is not just for once because after the launch of Free Fire India, things like tournaments will keep taking place continuously.


Friends, through today’s article we have shared with you all the details that are related to Free Fire India, and in a very important way, we have told you 5+ Unknown Facts About Free Fire India Game. We hope that you liked the article, so share it with your friends and stay with us if you want to be updated with every little info about Free Fire India.

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